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Kim Kardashian Killed Candy Crush - Yahoo Finance

But that's about it. Most people discover apps on most-downloaded lists, or because they become viral sensations that the media obsesses about (Candy Crush), sequels to those viral sensations (Candy Crush: Saga), and novelties ("Kim Kardashian came out with a mobile game??"). But since "virality" is typically unpredictable in markets without distribution hubs, mobile game developers are ping-pong balls bouncing inside a bingo machine. It's hardly an entertainment business. It's a entertainment lottery. King Digital's central promisewe can make the viral magic happen, over and over, even though we don't control the pipes through which our games go "viral"is really strange and almost certainly wrong. Look atZynga, Farmville, or Angry Birds. Mobile games are mayflies, as I've said , bursting into experience and flaming out in the blink of an eye. It's pretty random that Kim Kardashian is destroying King Digital's stock.

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